Real Wrestling Federation- By Sawyer
Hardcore Hell 2K

Hey, this is Sawyer of wTw back with another tape review for BYWLink! For this one I'm going to take you back to the year 2000. This is a tape I received a long time ago, and its one of the few out there. If you don't know already RWF is a federation who had a LONG and BRUTAL life span. Spanning over 8 years! They have been on 20/20, Leeza, Queen Latifa Show, E!, and many many more! Basicly known in the backyard world as one of the most brutal backyard feds in the country. So I watched this video with an open mind.

Hardcore Hell is a deathmatch tourney with mainly RWF guys and a few other people from another local fed. Lets just say from start to finish it was sick. They had a beautiful home built ring in a almost like sandpit with a roof on it (if that makes any sense). With a pretty good turn out of 20 people, they went crazy. I was mainly just prepared for deathmatch BUT I was very surprised in seeing great wrestling. Youth Suicide, trained in XPW! Others were just as good.

Mainly though out the video we saw barbwire ropes, lighttubes, lighttube tables, flaming tables, SICKEST.. if not the HARDEST chair shots I have EVER seen in a fed! MAD Blood. By the end of the video both competitors were drenched in their own blood! Youth Suicide pulls off the win after beating 3 people.

RWF has basicly died, and moved on. I know of a few wrestling the indy scene. But im glad to have gotten and watched this video, to me it's a rare one and a good one.

* = Bad ***** = GREAT

Wrestling - ***
- I was pretty impressed to see some wrestling ability from these guys. They made the matches very pro like. Some wrestlers were just brawlers and had not wrestling ability.

Deathmatch/hardcore - *****
- Very impressed with this obviously. All I have to say is "SICK".

Commentary - 0
- No commentary kills it..

Camera Work - ***
- Some shots are dark and you can tell it's a shitty quality camera, but its decent enough.

Overall impression - ***1/2
- Youth Suicide is all I have to say really, he made the video with wrestling ability and deathmatch skill. He can take a fucken bump. Everyone else did a great job too. Would love to see more RWF videos!

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