Northern Acclaim Wrestling: The Next Level- By John Morgan
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This is the second NAW tape I have purchased. The first, The Making of a Juvenile Sensation, was primarily a "Best of..." tape featuring an overview of the Juvenile Sensation. This tape is more a NAW tape featuring the excellent talent within that Federation.

This tape is excellent. Jason is undoubtedly one of the most talented wrestlers in backyarding today. He can do it all, although high spots is his specialty. The video and sound quality is first-rate and the main color commentary is handled by Scott Sherman, who is quite quick-witted in his comments and keeps things going on the audio front. NAW has a great ring. For viewers from California and other overpopulated areas, it is nice to see a kickass backyard arena that is really out in the open. The tape runs about 3 hours and is $6.00, which includes mailing.

Although Corporal is the smaller guy, he is awesome. This match goes in and out of the ring, is pretty hard-core and includes barbwire, thumbtacks, more light tubes than I have ever seen, cheese grater, and very dangerous mousetraps.

Match Two involves Billy Glacier & Vulture vs. Smokey and the Bandit.
Yes,the only Tag team match on the tape. This match was intense with many spots through wooden planks.

Match Three...Kidd Kronic vs. Jason Sailer
At the end of the last NAW tape, Jason Sailer, who was basically a face, turned heal by becoming egotistic, annoying, braggadocios, and other irritating traits. His first appearance on this tape, he comes out bragging and generally being an asshole. The audience reactions certainly bear his heal status out very nicely. The pace and intensity never lets up. Jason leaps off a 15 foot deck onto his hapless opponent and puts him through a hard wood plank. Great match. Jason's win allows him to go into another tangent on how great he his. The match ends with Jason chasing the announcer out of the arena.

Great Promo with Sailer talking about (again) how great he is. Sailer is quite rude to the interviewer.

Match Four--The Assassin vs. Head Case.
A windy day provided the backdrop for this great match. Lots of great moves, again, both in and out of the ring. This match was a power match with hard, stiff moves. Interference from outside the ring comes into play, but still a great match.

Match Five--Jason Sailer against V (The Vulture).
This is a number One contenders match. These guys don't like one another. The intensity never lets up. This match goes back and forth as these two are pretty equally matched. Unfortunately for both Sailer and V, a monster (I think called Johnathan Nightmare) interferes putting both men out of commission resulting in a double count-out.

Match Six--Sailer vs. Perry
Jason comes out with his XBA Catch as Catch Can belt, but refuses to put the belt on the line. Sailer's egotism is beyond pale at this point. Some nasty hits with a cookie sheet delivered to Sailer's well-deserving face. This has a surprise outcome.

Match Seven--Triple threat match between Saint-Rampage-Corporal Punishment representing Great Plains Wrestling.
This is hard-core to the extreme. Corporal takes a mirror to the face, millions of lighttubes and bulbs, barbwire bats, trash cans, more deadly mousetraps, Corporal is busted open and I have to say this was one hell of a match.

Match Eight--Sailer vs. HeadCase...Title match.
Lots of action here. These two always puts on great matches. Lots of high moves, as expected and table spots.

We now have a respite chronicling Jason's lonely, boring trip by bus to Ohio to participate in GEW's superb Backyard Fest #4. We also get a reprise of Jason's great match with GEW's Matt Schalk (Match Nine). It is nice to get another perspective of this match. Obviously, both these wrestlers have much respect for one another. We also get to see that "lost" footage of Matt's Massive dad lifting a truck up!

Back to NAW...

Match 10--JP Trotter vs. Jason Sailer.
A confident Trotter goes toe to toe with Sailer for the NAW championship. Jason's humility didn't improve after his Ohio visit, and he now thinks he's invincible. Trotter comes back from having a broken foot, but he is ready for Sailer. A ferocious fight ensues. Trotter teaches Sailer a thing or two about respect, which seems to work. Without giving out the ending to this match, Sailer shows respect and turns over a new leaf...

Match 11-- Handicap Match....Vulture vs. Harry Horowitz (yes, Barry's son) and Assassin.
Good, strong match. Great spots off a truck. This is a power match.

Match 12--Mark Marrow vs. the Masked Super Kryogen.
The shortest match with Super squashing Marrow in record time.

Match 13--Sailer vs. Vulture vs. HeadCase.
A three-way match. Jason gets chummy with the announcer. Head Case works over Sailer while awaiting Vulture tardy entrance to the ring. Hard fought battle here, with a lot of new moves and spots. At one point Sailer is knocked on this head, rendering him insensible for a moment, but he recovers and continues with his onslaught. Great backflip splashes by Sailer. Great match.

And, great tape. For six bucks, you can't ask for anything more.

John Morgan

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