Wicked Trecherous Wrestling- By Preston
Will to Die

The Will to Die event opens up with Hostile and Fury in a weapon shot war. They mainly use signs but they were just killing each other with them, some of the hardest weapon shots Iíve heard, the match was really short though.

Next it was Fury vs. Anti-American in a barbed wire/glass trap match. The match went back and forth, A.A. and Fury both slammed each other on a board in the ring covered in broken glass, Hostile comes into the match slamming AA onto the glass board then hitting a senton off a chair onto him. But AA comes back with one of the hardest light tube shots Iíve ever seen to Fury, later on Fury gets his payback by dropping AA into the barbed wire/glass trap while it is on fire. Fury gets a victory by giving AA a power bomb into the trap.

The final match to Will to Die, Hostile vs. Pimp in a match that is just extreme they use barbed wire bricks, light tubes, fire, thumbtacks, barbed wire and misc. weapons. This match was just sick Pimp takes a hard power bomb onto the barbed wire bricks, Hostile back gets almost completely covered in thumbtacks, Pimp takes a hard light tube shot. Amazing Lenzbian decides to join the match but gets dropped on his head with a back suplex for his trouble. Later on into the match Pimp delivers a hard power bomb through a flaming light tube table. The match draws to a conclusion with the masked ref revealed to be Sawyer and Fury runs in and Hostile triple team up on Pimp to give Hostile the win. Then Moti, and Amazing Lenzbian run in and an all out war begins, the tape ends with Fury getting up into the camera and telling everyone to suck his balls.

Rating Scale *Bad - ***** Great

Wrestling: (**) wTw usually has good moves but this event was pure death match/hardcore.

Commentary: (****) The commentary was funny as usual with wTw.

Death Match/Hardcore: (*****) If you are really into the death match and hardcore wrestling this event is for you.

Camera Work: (*****) The camera work was excellent no spots were missed and had good close ups.

Storylines/Mic Skills/Promos: (***) wTw never has real storylines but feuds were pushed pretty good through the event, and when the wrestlers did talk they were almost shoot.

Avg. Total: **** - Short event from wTw but it was fun to watch how violent they get with death matches, donít get this tape if youíre a technical wrestling fan.

Fook Fest

This is another short event from wTw but the main event was way worth it. The event opens up with Mexicano vs. Gigilo. This is an odd match Mexicano is more of a jobber than anything so I didnít understand how he got a match against Gigilo. But Gigilo beat the hell out of Mexicano with a wooden pole in the match, and win with modified piledriver after choke slamming him through a light tube.

Next was a very entertaining match, it was Fury against the new wrestler Johnny "Ghetto" Loco. The match opened up with Johnny knocking down Fury and start talking in ghetto language (gibberish) but Fury kills him with a brutal sign shot right in front of the camera. The match goes back and forth with vicious weapon shots, Fury power bombing Johnny onto light tubes that were on barbed wire bricks, Johnny with some barbed wire bat shots and light tube shots. I forget how Fury wins the match, but it was a shallow victory because Johnny attacks him after he gets his hand raised.

Now the main event Fury vs. Sawyer vs. Hostile in a light tube death match this match involved over 20 light tube easily. Hostile took the worst beating out of the match he took a power bomb into a barbed wire light tube mesh, a power bomb onto a light tube table that doesnít break, a northern lights suplex through a light tube board. He also gets a nasty gash after getting slammed through another light tube board setup, that leaves one of his arms covered in blood. Sawyer takes a good beating too, takes a light tube to the side of the head gives him a big gash around the temple area. Several light tube shots from Hostile at once, then receives a piledriver onto a light tube. Fury wasnít safe either no matter where he went Hostile and Sawyer were there to meet him with some light tubes. Even the ref Gore Man wasnít safe in this match Hostile takes a chunk of a light tube and shatters it over his head. But Gore Man wouldnít let the match end with out some back, he gives Hostile the hardest light tube shot out of the entire event. The match ends with Sawyer getting a pin on Hostile after the light tube table and a few shots to the head.

Rating Scale *Bad - ***** Great

Wrestling: (*** and half) For another event that was purely death match/hardcore, there were a lot of good moves hit in this event.

Commentary: (****) Commentary wasnít as funny as it usually is but the commentating was still fun.

Death Match/Hardcore: (*****) Another great death match event tons of brutal bumps in this one.

Camera Work: (*****) Great camera work no spots were missed, some spots needed a different angle but the camera man canít really move from area to area so I didnít deduct that from them.

Storylines/Mic Skills/Promos: (***) No feuds were pushed at all in this one but Johnny was pretty good when he was talking.

Avg. Total: (*** and half) Good event I only really liked the main event, the Johnny match was funny but it doesnít stay funny forever and Gigilo/Mexicano match I thought was just didnít make sense. Iíd wait for the Best of wTw to see the light tube death match.

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