WOW Backyard Wrestling For Dummies Review - By Hardtime
Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to another addition of As I See It. Sorry for the lack of issues lately but with school and everything its hard. Anyways today I will be reviewing the ever popular, Real TV featured, World Of Wrestling or otherwise known to many as WOW's Backyard Wrestling for Dummies compilation tape.

The tape starts off with a great music video highlighting much of WOW's great matches.

The first match is the infamous pond match between the amazing Andy "More Than A Table Spoon" Hoffman and Doctor Dynamite. Obviously the funniest and best spot of the match had to be at the beginning when Dynamite was standing in the boat in the middle of the pond and Hoffman swings in on a rope and hits a van-daminator on Dynamite knocking him into the pond! Hoffman's high flying ablity is amazing! Some stiff shots were in this match with some crutches and chairs. In the end Andy Hoffman picks up the win.

The next match is a Stairway To Hell match between Ralph "The Shark" Patterson and Iceman. Iceman had some good shots with his singapore cane on Patterson. Both guys also took some vicious bumps on the thumbtacks but with the camera angle it was hard to see. The sickest part of this one had to be when Ralph Patterson got hit in the face with the barb-wire chair ouch or when Iceman got thrown off what looked to be about 10 feet in the air wood pile thing through a double table. At the end Iceman ended up being thrown face first threw a flaming table then covered 1-2-3 Ralph Patterson wins.

Next up is Andy "MTAT" Hoffman taking on P.A. Rattlesnake. This is also the first match on the tape in their new ring which I must give them credit for cause its awesome. It seemed though there was a lot of miscommunication between the 2 in the beginning but Hoffman picks it up though with his great athletic ablity. Also this match is great as PA Rattlesnake took the stiffest chairshot ever by Hoffman! But anyways the match is good but the mishaps in the beginning definently brought the quality down some, in the end Hoffman picked up the win.

Next up is the EZ-Rider interview. There was decent mic work in this one which is suprising for backyard feds. Also a funny part had to be when they accidently broke the entrance way coming to the ring. Ringmaster definently kept it watchable.

Next up, a Barb-Wire Death Match between Mr. Destruction and S-Dogg. These 2 men's matches are always great and this was not a letdown. The only thing bad about it is Mr. Destruction's entrance as he came out to Enter Sandman carrying a singapore cane and drinking a beer (cough cough Sandman cough cough). Anyways this match was full of sick spots like S-Dogg blading Mr. Destruction with a pocket knife, Mr. Destruction missing a somer-sault senton off a ladder and landing on a flourenct lightbulb board, and the brutal tack spots (Destruction even had tacks sticking in his forehead!)! In the end S-Dogg picked up the win.

Next is Andy Hoffman taking on Kid Destroyer. This match had a slow beginning but the pace picked up tremendously after a few minutes. Especially on Hoffman's part. Andy Hoffman also does a triple jump moonsault of a car which was sweet as hell. Destroyer took some nasty bumps also including a hurracanrana onto a steel chair which was cool. In the end Hoffman won the match.

Next up is the infamous Tables and Ladders match for the Tag Team Titles between S-Dogg & Pimp taking on Ringmaster & Mr. Destruction. Funny part had to be Ringmaster and Destruction doing their gangsta impression at the beginning. This was a typical Super Dragon (S-Dogg) match with S-Dogg coming in and kicking the piss out of anyone who got in his way. All four guys took great bumps especially Destruction, a example of that was him taking a hiptoss onto a steel ladder or S-Dogg taking a big ass vertical suplex onto the steel ladder! Ouch! Also Destruction hit a good somer-sault senton onto S-Dogg threw a table which was cool. Destruction bled a lot in this match! In the end S-dogg and Pimp won it.

Next up Jackrabbit takes on Chameleon. Jackrabbit definently deserverd to be on this tape more than once cause his technical ablity and his mic work wasn't that bad either. Both guys used some great move variations throughout the whole match. During the match Lucious Studley makes a appearence and let me say Studley has the funniest gimmick in WOW and deserves a push damn it! I forgot who won this match sorry, I believe it was Jackrabbit.

Next up is a Barn Match between Mr. London and Mr. Destruction. A good pace throughout the whole match. Destruction took some good bumps on the concrete also and took a good bump onto a board with a lightube on it. London took some good bumps also including a nasty lightbulb shot to the head! In the end Destruction got the win.

Next up is Ralph The Shark Patterson taking on Andy "More Than a Tablespoon" Hoffman. It had a slow beginning once again and the exucution wasn't the greatest, I thought they could've done better. For some reason Andy Hoffman reminds me of GEW's Matt Schalk. It wasn't as great as I have seen so far but Hoffman finnally picked it up some with his great ablity hitting a huge 5 Star Frog Splash from a ladder. The match had a good ending also, Ralph Patterson won the match.

Next up is a Barb-Wire match between Justan Assle and S-Dogg. S-Dogg starts the match off good as he always does and even smashed a toaster over Assle's head (lol). S-Dogg continues the kicking of his own ass as he took some nasty bumps into the barb-wire. The best part of this match had to be S-Dogg at least leaping 10 feet down off a wood pile onto Assle through a table. Even though S-Dogg got real bloodly in this one it was a great match.

That's as far as I got in this one. I do apoligize since I couldn't get through the whole tape but from what I have seen the rest of the tape won't be a letdown at all. WOW's technical ablity is the best I have seen in awhile. I do recommend this tape to anyone who likes a great mix of action. It's worth the money.

I hope you all enjoyed reading my column. If you would like to have one of your fed's tapes reviewed, send me an e-mail at or talk to me on AOL IM under the screen name FYWClown.

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