Supercard IX Review - By Hardtime
Hello backyard wrestling fans and wrestlers and welcome to the newest edition of As I See It. Sorry for the wait but I have been real busy but here it goes. On this column I will be reviewing a inter-promotional show featuring the pSyChO fEd, Garbage Everywere Wrestling, and Scrambled Wrestling Association entitled Supercard IX.

The tape first starts off with a pF Cruiserweight title match between GEW's Devilman and pF's Ricky Gilchrist. The first thing I noticed though is the ring is poorly done but hell not every one needs a ring to put on a good show. I noticed also that it was a slow beginning for a match with two great wrestlers and from that slow beginning the crowd was near dead. Devilman definently looks to be the better wrestler in this match with he having the better excuted moves. Some good spots including Devilman being thrown threw a ironing board and Devilman powerbombing Gilchrist to win the match and the pF cruiserweight title.

Next up is pF's Stealth taking on GEW's Matt Schalk. The match had a strong beginning and had some good bumps too like Schalk piledriving Stealth onto the remains of the ironing board, Stealth hitting a sweet tombstone into a powerbomb thing (must see). The match was a little long though and the camera view sucked most of the time with a tree in the way besides that the match was good . Matt Schalk got the win.

Next up is a Mid-West X-treme dog collar match between Shane Hunt and Crazy Chad. First off I love Crazy Chad's gimmick cause he acts like a f-ckin psycho, just a interesting note hes also a pro wrestler now. A good begining with well excuted moves mixed up with hardcore stuff to make the match watchable. The background commentary is also hilarious though. Shane Hunt got the win.

Next up is a pF Cruiserweight title match with GEW's Devilman taking on GEW's Matt Schalk. Also a note to the pF get new belts please. Devilman waste no time going hardcore early and both men excuted great moves. Plently of good bumps in this one with Devilman powerbombing Schalk onto a barbed wire grabbed garbage can and Schalk displaying his awesome high flying ablity with a standing shooting star press. In the end Matt Schalk got the win and the pF Cruiserweight title.

Next up is the SWA 3-Way Dance between Awesome Jimmy Austin, Skeltor, and Kamikazi. In my opinion this was the show stealer and Kamikazee is the original high flyer of byw . Interesting note Jimmy Austin is now a pro wrestler. Brutal bumps were took by all 3 men including Skeltor bringing a bed of nails into the match and which he was thrown bareback onto the bed of nails! Everyone took great bumps in this one and this match shows what the S.W.A. is all about . Its too bad this is their last year in backyard wrestling. In the end Awesome Jimmy Austin got the win.

The final match of the night is for the pF World title with it being pSyChO Rob taking on Rich Sontag. This isn't exactly the barb-wire match I had been expecting but it was decent. Funny part had to be Rob beating Sontag over the head with a boxfan. Not alot of moves in all just alot of brawling but did have a good ending. Psycho Rob won this one.

In all I give the tape **1/2 out of *****.

I hope you all enjoyed reading my column. If you would like to have one of your fed's tapes reviewed, send me an e-mail at or talk to me on AOL IM under the screen name FYWClown.

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