FYW Battlemania 4 Review - By Hardtime
Hello backyard wrestling fans and wrestlers and welcome to the newest edition of As I See It. Today I will be reviewing FYW's Battlemania 4.

The show starts off with Kid Rage defending his FYW. Cruiserweight title against Suicide Shawn Crome. The match is decent but the exucution was poor on Kid Rage's part and he doesn't bump correctly. The pace though was excellent which kept the match watchable plus the timing of the match was good. In the end Kid Rage hit a hurrcanrana and rolled up Crome for the 1-2-3 to retain his Cruiserweight title.

Next up, is a special debut match between Dynamite Dewey and Top Dawg Sean Summers. First off let me say the only thing wrong with this match was that it was too short. Both men have great technical ablity and deserve a push big time. Both men hit awesome moves including Dynamite Dewey who is 5'5" hitting a double powerbomb (like Jericho does) on to the almost 6 feet tall Sean Summers! In the end Dynamite Dewey hit a good tombstone onto Summers onto a metal garbage can lid for the win.

Next up is a hardcore battle royal. The partcipants were Loco Uno, Drewlove, Crackfeen Bob, Dynamite Dewey, Flamer, Mad Chuck, Top Dawg Sean Summers, and Matt-X. Anyways there was some awesome weapon shots with weapons including a staple gun, a metal garbage can lid, a pipe, a chain, a cookie tray, and some other weapons. The match was a little long though but was still good. Also there was two stomach turning powerbombs in this one you have to see. In the end the ending was well stupid as Dynamite Dewey walked out making Matt-X the winner.

Then in a non-title death match it was Matt-X taking on Hardtime. This match was brutal but was a little long. Weapons included a staple gun, a flaming chair (Hardtime suffered a 2nd degree burn and a minor burn on his right arm), broken glass (cut both men up), a metal garbage can lid (busted Hardtime's upper lip open), a computer printer, a pipe, chain, garbage can, and a few other weapons. Another thing is there wasn't a whole lot of moves but there guys made up for it with their bumps. In the end Hardtime hit a huge powerbomb on the 6 feet tall Matt-X (Hardtime's only 5'7") onto the broken glass for the win.

Next up was a fork on a pole match between the newest member of Pimp Incorperated, Flamer taking on another rookie Mad Chuck. Sorry guys but you guys suck. There was 1 move and that was a spear plus the match was like 2 minutes. In the end Flamer stabbed Mad Chuck in the forehead with the fork then pinned him.

Next up was basically a squash match between T-N-T (Dynamite Dewey and Top Dawg Sean Summers) taking on Soap On-A-Role (Drewlove & Crackfeen Bob) cough cough jobberteam cough cough. Anyways the match could have been a little longer but once again Summers & Dewey's technical ablity was awesome. In the end Sean Summers hit a huge jacknife powerbomb (Kevin Nash style) on Crackfeen Bob for the 1-2-3.

In the final match of the night it was World Heavyweight champion Fully Loaded Andy Michaels defending his title belt against Hardtime in a re-match of last year's Battlemania were Michaels narrowly won after giving Hardtime 14 steel chair shots ! Anyways the pace of the match was OK but obvisously with Hardtime being tired from the death match earlier it was mostly his fault but anyways both men carried a good match. Both men also took good bumps including Michaels suplexing Hardtime on the wooden entrance ramp. In the end Kid Rage came out to distract Hardtime but Hardtime nailed him then turned around and ducked Michaels attempted superkick then stunners Michaels for the 1-2-3 and the World Title!

In all I thought the show ran pretty good but the in-exprinced rookies like Mad Chuck and Flamer defeninently detracted from the show. FYW put a good amount of hardcore in I thought. In all I give the tape *** out of *****.

I hope you all enjoyed reading my column. If you would like to have one of your fed's tapes reviewed, send me an e-mail at HardtimeFTW@hotmail.com or talk to me on AOL IM under the screen name FYWClown.

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