HIW Scarred 4 Life Review - By Hardtime
Hello backyard wrestling fans and wrestlers and welcome to the newest edition of As I See It. Sorry for the lack of columns but I've been busy but now with school out I should be able to write more often. Today I will be reviewing the Tuscon, Arizona federation, High Impact Wrestling's Scarred 4 Life video tape. I'm sorry if I dont go to in depth but I didnt realy take too many notes on it.

The first match was Suicide Kings Vs. Metal & Mystery Partner. I do not remember this match too well but I do remember some great technical and the match wasn't too long. Then I believe some guys from HCW did a run in. Sorry about the shortness of that one.

Next up which I believe was one of the better technical matches of the show it was LDM (Little Dawg Matt) Vs. Son of Death for number 1 Contendership for the HIW. Cruiserweight Title. Son Of Death I believe is a professional wrestler too. This match was awesome technical with a great mix of high flying. LDM impressed me a lot and so did Son Of Death. Also I got to say that Son Of Death's attire is very original and top notch for backyard wrestling. Once again I have to say sorry I don't know who won this match but this match was so well done that both wrestlers definently get mad props.

Next on "Scarred 4 Life" it was Puck & LDM Vs. Chairman & Big Fatty in a Flare on a Pole match where to win you must set one of your oppoents on fire. Excellent technical again in this one. Poor LDM got his assed kick though. I love the concept of this match and in my damn good respected opinion WCW ripped of HIW. Once again sorry for the shortness of this paragraph but I do believe in the end Chairman & Big Fatty got the win after they set LDM on fire on his back area. I also think he got some nasty burns from that so if you like some sick ass shit you should order this tape.

And then on the next match on HIW's "Scarred 4 Life" video it was 2 Hardcore Vs. Wicked Wigsplitaz for the High Impact Wrestling Tag-Team championship. From what I remember this was full of good moves and the execution was perfect. (So was the rest of the tape).

Then the tape moves on to Suicide Soulja taking on my favorite HIW wrestler Son of Death taking on Chairman taking on my boy LDM for the HIW. Cruiserweight title in a 4 Way Tag Anybody Elimination match with two wrestlers in at a time! Once again poor LDM got his ass whooped but this match was definently one of the highlights of the night. Son Of Death showed his testicular fortitude majorly after he did a running flip off a roof onto the three other men and got right back up with no pain whatsoever. Awesome five star match.

Next up was the showstealer and it was the psycho fuck Chaos taking on the most suicidal man in backyard wrestling, Karnage for the Deathmatch Title in a Hell On Earth Deathmatch which included a flaming table, tons of lightubes, glass, tons of tacks, and barbed wire bricks! These guys are awesome and this match showed what High Impact Wrestling is all about. This match definently put to shame other backyard federation's attempts at being a hardcore no wait HIW isn't hardcore, their death match wrestling mother fXcker and don't forget it! Karnage was bleeding badly in this one with nasty cuts on his arm and forehead. Chaos also got mad juice in this one. If you are a fan of death match wrestling you have to buy this tape because you will love it. Both men made good use of the barb-wire bricks in this one and in the end Karnage got the win after I belive hitting a death valley driver on Chaos through some lightubes bridged across a chair.

Next up on "Scarred 4 Life" it was Metal Vs. Dueno for the Tucson City Title in a Chairs & Stop Signs Match. Once again awesome technical but no offense to the HIW. guys but this match was sort of a let down. It just couldn't follow the Hell On Earth death match. I forgot who one this match.

In the last match of the night it was Ash taking on "Hardcore" Joe Binski for the HIW World Title in a barb-wire Spool/No rules matchup. I have to say I totally mark out for Hardcore Joe Binski cause hes the shit, maybe it's the Hulk Hogan theme :) Both guys took some stiff bumps including Joe Binski suplexing Ash on the outside onto a huge pile of barbwire on stiff ground. This match was awesome no doubt one of the best of the show.

I give the tape ****1/2 out of *****. If you love death match wrestling, buy this. If you love technical/high flying love this. I found really no flaws with this tape and I do plan on buying more HIW in the future.

I hope you all enjoyed reading my column. If you would like to have one of your fed's tapes reviewed, send me an e-mail at HardtimeFTW@hotmail.com or talk to me on AOL IM under the screen name FYWClown.

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