FYW One Night Only Review - By Hardtime
Hello backyard wrestling fans and wrestlers and welcome to the newest edition of As I See It. Today I will be reviewing FYW's One Night Only.

In the first match it was a typical jobber match which mostly is the humor/comedic part of the show between "Sexation" Skott Stevens and Bob the McDonald's Guy. Suspringsly this match wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Most jobber matches aren't so good since they concentrate on the comedy but both guys did some good moves in this one. Even though this show was inside F.Y.W. did a good job making a "ring" and a setting for this show too. But the match was a little long but in the end Sexation Skott Stevens won the match after rolling up B.T.M.G. from behind.

Then it was promo time when the returning Matt-X came out and cut a promo that shocked alot of the wrestlers in attendance. Matt-X had to take a 3 month abense for personal reasons but he came back with a bang and did a tremoundous shoot interview on everyone. He also commented about the real life feud between him and Andy Michaels and how tonight he is taking on Andy Michaels in a shoot fight, 60 minute iron man match. And also got in a little fight with the camera man. Good promo. Also Andy Michaels came out and cut a decent but shoot style promo on Matt-X building up tremoundous heat for their big main event match-up tonight.

Next up on One Night Only it was in a Loser Leaves FYW Match between the original Detroit gangsta ,the returning Psycho Soldier taking on MAD Wrestling's Khronic. This match was OK. When I watched the match in attendance I didn't think it was too good but when I watched the tape it looked alot better. These guys didn't do too many moves though but they did some stiff as hell shots with cookie sheets. Also Psycho Soldier mixed the cookie sheets with alot of move variations which impressed me when he is nearly 6'' . I would give the match a B- probaly...

Then on Front Yard Wrestling's One Night Only video it was for the Hardcore title in a Ladder Match between the current F.Y.W. Hardcore champion Moorehead The Butcher putting his title on the line against FYW's most hardcore wrestler Hardtime. Ok ill be honest this match didn't go as well as I wanted it to. I mean the ladder was outside while the wrestling took place inside. Our ring was set up inside (thanks to Psycho Soldier's huge ass basement) . Plus I wanted to use the ladder alot more but I didn't want to show up the Main Event. But this match wasn't a downer . There was some good moves before we took it outside were it was raining . Were I took some stiff shots with the cookie sheet and got thrown off a ladder 4 feet onto my back on a nice soaking wet deck ! In the end though Moorehead knocked the shit out of me big time with a stiff shot with a cookie sheet then climbed the ladder to retain his Hardcore championship belt.

Then next up on Front Yard Wrestling's One Night Only it was the big one, the main event, a 60 minute, Shoot Fight, Iron Man Match, between "Fully Loaded" Andy Michaels and Matt-X. If you have seen the FYW message board these two guys do realy hate each other and I can honestly say these guys literally beat the living hell out of each other. And also I can honestly say these 2 men busted their ass and actually did wrestling moves instead of 50 minutes of wear down and rest holds. You can ask ANYONE on the Front Yard Wrestling roster that I am very judgemental on matches and I hate Iron Man matches but I have to say this match impressed me and I have the up-most respect for both of these guys even if on camera it may seem like I hate them. They are 2 tough son of a bitches. In the end the score was tied 5-5 and Matt-X did what any real man would , he said thanks, shaked Michaels hand, and said good bye to F.Y.W. . He is moving this year and he wanted to go out in style and he did a very classy thing by letting it end in a tie instead of him winning and he deserves alot of respect for it. Thank you Matt-X and good luck. Very good Main Event

Anyways that concludes One Night Only. Also on the tape it has two bonus matches from a pro ring show with a crowd of 30+ and a music video (Bawitaba by Kid Rock). Also it had a awesome cover art. **** out of *****.

I hope you all enjoyed reading my column. If you would like to have one of your fed's tapes reviewed, send me an e-mail at HardtimeFTW@hotmail.com or talk to me on AOL IM under the screen name FYWClown.

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