BACKYARD ROAST #1 - By Kingpin
Webmasters: This is all in good fun, don't take this too seriously. If you do maybe its your time to be roasted...

Silvio Morales, Kolt, Da Playboy, The Immortal 1; he goes by many names. However, his real moniker should be "The Innovator of Unoriginality". His finisher, The Outsider's Edge... I mean The Crucifix, is probably one of the most used moves in the backyard. I'm not saying Kolt doesn't do it well, I'm just saying everyone AND their mother does it well. Seriously, if you are a Backyard Wrestler, ask yourself if you have ever done this move? If you haven't I am sure some one in your fed has. Speaking of feds, just look at Kolt's fed name; Hardcore Championship Wrestling. In my opinion, HCW should take a lesson from PAW. Instead of "PAW is WAP" it should be "HCW is WCH" as in "Which HCW is this?" I swear there' s an HCW in every state, in fact I think Florida (Kolt's Home State) has two or three of them themselves. In HCW's first ever title tournament, Kolt got his ass handed to him by Lefty, a guy named after a testicle. How low is that? I mean, it's one thing to get beat, but to get beat by a testicle is the worst. The Immortal 1 might as be the Immoral 1. Speaking of immoral, I hear in his hometown he's commonly known as "The Fat Chick Thriller". Supposedly, even though he's only slept with 4 chicks, he' s gotten more pussy than all of his friends... at last count it was 1,268-pounds of Pussy to be exact. You might be asking what this has to do with Backyard wrestling, but this is actually how he got most of his training. To quote Da Playboy himself "You try wrestling you're way out of a 400-pound snatch, that's what Champions are made of!" disturbing, eh? To be fair, Kolt has had some amazing matches in his career. Ladder matches with Lefty, hardcore bouts with Kidd Krazy, midnight interludes with Big Bertha, this guy does 'em all. Keep an eye on this competitor in the future, especially if your sister is a Buffalo Chick. For those in the Florida area who want to see more of Da Playboy, you can find Kolt performing at the Hialeah Swap Meet. I also hear he makes many visits to Jenny Craig, but usually only on Friday nights.

My tip to Kolt: Fat Chicks do NOT need lovin' too!

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