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Name: The Eliminator
Federation: www.hcwfextreme.cjb.net
Age: 16
Entrance Music: Perfect Cell (DBZ)
Finishing Move: The Eliminator Way (Powerbomb into DDT)
Personal Style: Aerial

Wrestling location: Home made Ring

How did you first get interested and associated with backyard wrestling?

I originally had an E-FED called the HCWF. I got fed up with recruiting / firing people every day so i started the HCWF Backyard Wrestling federation. It sucked at first but let me say that we have grown into it a lot.

Do you feel backyard wrestling has to be hardcore, or have plenty of high-risk spots to be entertaining? (and why)

I would have to say that BYW needs a few high risk moves but so does every other form of wrestling. I normally do ground moves but I was given a powerbomb off a house last June. The crowd really enjoys it, and, in some twisted way, i do too.

What do your parents and family think of you backyard wrestling?

My parents don't even know about my backyard wrestling. Well, they knew at first but when we started doing high risk moves i turned attention away from it.

Describe the gimmick you use:

I'm not a thug or anything like that! The Eliminator, as a name, sounds like some 80's style wrestling but it's not a humorous gimmick. All he wants is respect. Being 5'10" and 130lb he gets thrown around a lot but sometimes he gets the edge. He just wants to be recognized for his talent, if there is any.

What do you feel are the three most important parts in making a backyard wrestling match work?

Well Scorpion, from the last Wrestler spotlight edition, said that the first part must be that Every wrestler is into the match. I agree with that but along the same lines they must be willing to put their body on the line. I've taken some bumps but i hate doing it when my opponent doesn't know how much it hurts or appreciate it. The second must be that the match has to be exciting. If I fight someone who's 6'4 225lb there's not much of a chance for me to win, or not believable at least. So just hit him with a chair and jump off of a house onto him to add to the believability. The third is that you must know some wrestling moves. You can't step in the ring with no ability and expect to do good because you won't understand the calls.

Why has backyard wrestling became so popular?

Well a lot of people are tired of the WWF. I'd say that ECW gave people the idea of it by making it "OK" to do extreme wrestling. I think that's the idea that was put in my head. So what better way to have fun than to mimic your favorite wrestlers? Or better yet, watch your friend break his neck while getting piledriven into the mat. Sounds like fun to me, seriously.

In your opinion, what will happen to backyard wrestling in the next few years?

Well, in response to Scorpion, i already know of some BYW feds who have their own TV show. Their local's who could have some potential but don't try hard enough. I'd say that in the next few years there will be one giant BYW fed where people can join and leave whenever they wish. The MWO (Michigan Wrestling Association) is a local group like that in Clio Michigan.

Closing statements

Sorry Scorpion, but your closing statement last week seemed like it came out of Rick Flair's book of professional speeches or something. I'm gonna close this out by saying my tag partner Big Red and I might be joining the MWO and if we do maybe we'll see MDOGG in the ring sooner than we thought.

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