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Name: Mike Morocco
Age: 15
Entrance Music:"Just Got Wicked" by Cold
Finishing Move: Magnifiplex
Wrestling Style:technical
Location: yard, hopefully ring soon

How did you first get interested and associated with backyard wrestling?

Well, I've always loved wrestling and I can't be a pro wrestler yet so it all kind of fell into place

Do you feel backyard wrestling has to be hardcore, or have plenty of high-risk spots to be entertaining? (and why)

I think it should be however that wrestler is. If he's slow and doesn't know a lot of moves, hardcore will be easier but an athletic, agile, wrestler could possicbly do more faster-paced risky spots.

What do your parents and family think of you backyard wrestling?

They don't really like it, but they rarely see it. I've gotten in trouble for breaking a bed performing a guillotine leg drop.

Describe the gimmick you use:

I am a mixed Shawn Micheals, chris Jericho, Lance Storm, and Billy Kidman. I am "Magnificent" Mike Morocco, a cocky wrestler who isn't really hardcore but technical and smart.

What do you feel are the three most important parts in making a backyard wrestling match work?

Well, I think wrestlers got to be quick, know a little bit of a script, and have good communication with the other wrestler(s) so no one gets hurt.

Why has backyard wrestling became so popular?

With the ever growing popularity of wrestling to the younger generation has sprouted an enthusiasm that makes backyard wrestlers want to wrestle.

In your opinion, what will happen to backyard wrestling in the next few years?

It may go down a little but when WCW is on t.v. again and possibly XWF, more backyard wreslting will happen.

Closing statements

I would like to close with saying that all backyard wrestlers should be healthy and eat right and lift weights. A lot of wrestlers are fat and weak so it makes them look worse. I've just seen too much of it.

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