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Name: Kore
Federation: Edison Wrestling Alliance
Age: 15
Finisher: The HeaT (Reverse DDT into a Facebuster)
Entrance Theme: "Droppin' Plates" - Disturbed
Personal Style: Technical, Aerial
Wrestling Location: Grass/Ground
How did you first get interested and associated with backyard wrestling?

Since i was 4 years old ive been watching the WWF... seeing many icons come and go. Those first few times i watched the WWF, i knew that i was going to be watching for a long time to come. When i was 11 me and a few friends started doing moves on his bed just for the hell of it, thinking we were pros. Then we brought it outside on to the grass and started wrestling out there because we had more room and wouldnt get in trouble. After a year of just doing that, we decided to get some people and start a federation. That worked out well for a while but then we had to stop (i was 14 at the time). Most people lost interest. Now, the EWA has just started up about 3 weeks ago and its going smooth.

Do you feel backyard wrestling has to be hardcore or have plenty of high-risk spots to be entertaining? (and why)

In a way it does. But plain old technical wrestling puts on a good show also. High spots are great to draw attention, but i dont think jumping off 20 ft roofs and things that can get you killed easily should be done. Hardcore, using tables and a few weapons here and there definetly keeps people interested... hardcore is good till you over use it.

What do you parents and family think of you backyard wrestling?

Parents... well they hate the fact i do it. They think im going to kill my self doing it. My brother thinks its phat... and my two sisters could care less. So far so good... no big injuries.

Describe the gimmick you use.

My gimmick... well Kore is the sort of guy who almost has an obsession with being in the spotlight. He has few friends in the federation and will do anything to get to the top. Kore is out to prove himself to everyone that he can do what many people think he cant. Anything he has to do to win and get in the spotlight... he will do it!

What do you feel are the three most important parts in making a backyard wrestling match work?

1 - Communication. You definetly have to communicate to make your match good. You want to make sure both of you know what is coming. Also your match will move faster that way.
2 - Having the heart and desire put into backyard wrestling. Both wrestlers have to be dedicated to the federation. If you have a few people who dont really care if they are in the fed or not... its not going to be as good of a show. When you have the guys who really love backyard wrestling, youll see the hell of a show they can put on.
3 - Last but not least... Trust. You have to trust your oppenent in a match. Make sure the moves you are going to do will work out between you guys. If your doing a highspot or something like that... you have to trust your oppenent from keeping you from serious injury.

Why has backyard wrestling become so popular?

Many reasons. Kids just discover byw but fooling around and eventually start a fed. Others find feds around there homes. The bigger pro wrestling gets... the bigger backyard wrestling will get. And also, you see all the shit on the news about backyard wrestlers getting bad reps and shit like that, more and more kids see that and start backyard wrestling because of the LOVE of the sport.

In your opinion, what will happen to backyard wrestling in the years to come?

It will expand. We will begin to get recognized world wide and get rid of the bad names we have. Some people just seem to spoil it for all of us. The death match wrestling is all the news casters see and they dont know about us who actually wrestle. Soon enough will we all become very popular because of what we do.

Closing Statements:

All of you reading this that want to get into backyard wrestling... go out and do it! You dont know what your missing. It brings you and your friends together to put on a show. And backyard wrestling is a start to a career if you want to be a pro wrestler. This is preparing you for the real thing. I my self, in a year or two will start training to be a pro wrestler, maybe even going to train with the CZW! I live pretty close to their training facilities and will work my ass off to get in!

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