One thing I hear from people (and myself) is "What the shit? Why can't we ever get organized? It seems like perfect wrestler attendance is a thing of the past." Well, while it seems like a hopeless situation, it can be somewhat remedied.

Throw em' a frikin bone: Call the guys, a few days before, the day of, and a little while before the practice/show starts. That way, theres no way in hell they'll forget. And while you're on the phone with them, make sure they aren't going to their Aunt Elda's or anything like that. Because if they can't go in the first place, chances are they're not gunna magically show up.

Use the internet!: Well, if you're reading this, chances are, you're reading it while online. if you're having problems with attendance, send out some email and shizit! Another helpful thing is a private message board, or even a guestbook. That way, everybody who visits your site will know that you have a practice or a show. That way, people will be all like "Hey, don't you have a practice today?" then your wrestlers will be like "Oh shit, thats right, if I don't get there in time, Ill get my ass kicked!"

Make your practices/ Look, if you're practices/shows are boring as hell, then no one is going to want to go in the first place. Tell everybody to bring like a buck, order a pizza, and wrestle, chill, eat, wrestle, chill, eat. Its a good cycle. And like hook up some video games or something. Cuz chances are, if you're not doing drills and practicing spots, you're pretty bored. How nice would it be to sit down and play some PS2? to even PS2, I'd settle for regular Nintendo and Mario. Make sure it doesn't turn into some sort of video game fest. IDW always keeps at least one TV outside and/or in the garage.

Be like a parent, set some rules: This sounds corny, and you totally might not want to do this, but set rules. Itll keep people in check. And make sure these rules apply to EVERYONE. Because if they don't people are just gunna get pissed, and then pay even less attention to practices/shows. I know BYW is for fun, but without attendance, theres no fun to have. Even though rules suck, sometimes you're better off with than then you are without them.

Don't be a hypocrite: Someone famous (while I don't know who, they WERE famous) once said "Practice what you preach." Now even if you're the owner, don't go bitching about attendance, then skip out on a practice or show, or even change plans at the last minute. And if you aren't the owner, you know how it goes. If you're complaining about poor attendance, then you don't show up for stuff, no one else will take attendance seriously.

When all else fails, use threats! Well, not threats, threats don't work. They have to be more like promises. If they don't obey the rules, don't give a shit about you calling constantly, and totally ignore your emails, be like "Look, bitch, I mean (insert disobedient wrestler/announcer/ref name here), next time you don't show up to a show/practice, you're being suspended indefinitely." and as long as they're not TRUE BITCH ASSES, they should understand that you're serious, and will hopefully show up for your shows. If they don't, you're better off getting them off your roster than having to constantly switch cards due to them not showing up.

Damn, second issue already. I hope you liked (or hated) this issue as much as you liked (hated) the last one. Also, I hope this helped your fed, because...well, thats the point of the column. Once again, if you wanna send one of your problems to me, or flame me, or mail bomb me, etc., send everything to or Thats Zero Tolerance, over and out.

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