Sixth Issue Babay! Ok, now I've taken a semi-long leave of absence when it ocmes to writing columns for WOBW, but I am no longer AWOL and have decided to write yet another mind shattering (ok, not quite mind shattering) issue of... Zero Tolerance! This time, I'll be letting you all in on the secrets of getting your fed known. PS: I just got done watching Fight Club, anyone that hasn't seen it, or has only seen it once, should go out and rent/buy it, because its a really cool movie.

Be good...NOW!: Ok, I know you're thinking "You don't have to be good to get known." Oh wait, you can't be thinking that, because if you are, you're totally wrong! First Rule of Backyard Club: You HAVE to be at least quasi-good to get known. Now, if you're thinking "Garbage/hardcore feds suck, but they get known," then your eyes are half open/shut. If these feds weren't good at beating the crap out of each other, shoot fighting, bleeding, etc., then how would they be known? I'll tell you how, they wouldn't! So, while I don't really support the following statement, if you're not good at wrestling, be good at one of the previously mentioned.

Advertisement: Ok, now that you're good (hopefully), you should be confident enough to advertise your fed. Second Rule of Backyard Club: You DO NOT get known by sitting back and doing nothing. First of, you're going to want to get involved in the online backyard community. Whether it be joining the message boards, or by writing a column *wink wink*, you're going to have to get involved in the community to get known. Once you're in the community, start plugging your fed on the message boards, posting video clips, or mentioning your fed in your column *cough* IDW Insanely Dangerous Wrestling *cough* Excuse me. After a while, people are bound to catch on, and, pending that you're good (see 1st topic), then word of your goodness will spread like wildfire!

Merchandise: Ahhh yes, the good ol' cash part of backyard wrestling. While merchandise does bring in some capital, it will also get people to, well, know your fed (which is coincidentally the subject of the column). Travis let me in on one of the simplest ways to get merchandise made for free, and its a place called Cafepress. Here you can get shirts, mugs, mousepads, etc. made for your fed. Third Rule of Backyard Club: Not everyone knows about Backyard Club. What I'm trying to say (by using senseless half-quotes from Fight Club), is that people will ask other people about the kind of stuff they're wearing, drinking from, moving their mouse on, etc. And by these people asking, not only will your fed get an additional fan, but that fan might even get involved in the backyard community, and spread the good word of backyard wrestling (what a great chain of events, huh?).

Tapes: As JR would say, "This is a hotly contested subject." Some feds swear by tape sales, other feds don't think they need them. Fourth Rule of Backyard Club: People have to see stuff to believe stuff. Now this is why the is a debated subject. With the incredible technology out today (LOL), one can actually get video, and put it on his/her computer, thus rendering tapes useless. But theres a catch. Who the hell is going to want to wait 12 days for an entire event to download when they can have the tape priority shipped in 2? Most likely, no one. However, the entire address sharing thing can be kind of sketchy too. Theres a lot of crazy people out there (mostly pedophiles) who are just itching for some backyard tapes. But then again, there are some really cool backyarders and backyard fans out there who want to see some quality wrestling on their TV. So my suggestion would be to sell tapes, but make sure you know who you're selling it to, and to be cautious about how much information you share.

The Internet is a many splendored thing: GET A WEBSITE! Fifth Rule of Backyard Club: Uhmmm... GET A WEBSITE! Ok, the more people that can see what you've got, the more people there are that will know you. And what better way for a LOT of people to see you than to get a website? This also gives you something to advertise for in the backyard community, in your columns (MWAHAHA!), and even in your tapes. A website for a fed is almost like a trailer for a movie. It just makes you want to see the final product more and more. Just try to make the website look as good as possible, and you should be set.

Be on TV: TV=Publicity. If you're not into morality, than any type of TV is good. Sixth Rule of Backyard Club: Beggars can't be choosers. Now if you're going for just all out publicity, you can just get on any news program. However, if you're looking to gain fans for your fed and sell some merchandise, tapes, etc., than public access TV might be your answer. Public access TV is usually free, or low cost. The only problem is that if its free, then you might have a hard time getting on, being as the station chooses whatever programs it wants. If it isn't a free network, then any yahoo with some cash can get a show. You might be that lucky yahoo! So do some research, and find out when and where you can get some air time.

MWAHAHA! 6th issue... does that make me a legend in my own time? No? Damn, oh well. Remember, all flames and hatemail go to, while all comments on IDW as a backyard wrestling fed go to I hope you enjoyed reading this column as much as I enjoyed writing it. Keep it entertaining, and its all good. FIGHT CLUB RULES! Zero, over and out.

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