Hi everybody, Im back to write another column for you. Well, if you've been sending crap to, then you've been wasting your time. Im done with AOL and my new address is So be sure to send all flames there from now on, otherwise I won't be able to laugh at how hard you try to hate me, thanks. And oh yeah, my views don't represent those of the BYWL.

Well, In this issue, Ill try to help all you folks who are returning after an injury, vacation, or are just starting backyarding and don't want to hurt yourself even more than you already plan on doing. So just chill out, get something to drink, something to eat, a color TV, a stereo, and a pair of 3-D goggles, sit back, and enjoy the column.

You're rusty: Yes, yes you are. If you've taken more than a week or so break from BYW, or just from a workout schedule, then you're a little bit rusty. First things first, make sure you don't go out and start polishing your yang-times if you haven't even tried a moonsault. Work your way up to your former glory. Stretch and stuff, youll be happy when you end up not pulling anything during a match, because when it does happen, its a pretty bad situation.

Less doesn't equal more... idiot: Also, if you haven't done this stuff in a while, try to increase any kind of training/workout schedule that you've had in the past. While doing things at your old pace will help you get back into the swing of things, you won't get into the swing of your things for a while. This DOESN'T mean double the weight that you bench, or do 400 crunches instead of 200 or anything like that. Just increase the number of days you train a week. If you worked out every other day while you were in prime condition, then maybe throw an extra day into the mix. Itll help you get better that much faster.

No big bookings: Taking a break from wrestling means taking a break from the spotlight. If you were a main eventer, wrestle some lower level matches when you come back. Usually, if you're in main event type matches, the spots and chains you'll be planning will be more complicated, high-risk, and will require mental and physical fitness to pull off. Needless to say, you don't want a well planned spot to go to shit because you can't still do half the moves you planned on doing because you haven't wrestled in a few weeks.

Get back in character: Thats right, instead of being "Hardcore Joe-Bob" for a week or two, you were "go to the beach and chill guy". Not exactly the same mentality there. Try to get back into your character, itll just get you that much more amped to wrestle. Walk the streets pumphandle slamming people you don't know! Yell at inanimate objects! Wear your mask to school! Actually, its not reccomended that you do those things, you could get arrested, but you get my point. Do anything (within reason) thatll help you remember how much of a badass in the ring you are.

You're almost done...: Now that you've got all that out of the way, you'll want to start practicing harder. Now you can try those yang-times and start seling those orange crushes. Try to intensify the sort of things you dish out and sell at practices. Itll prepare you for what you might be planning in future spots. Also, it will speed up the process of getting back into top shape. Nothing feels better than knowing that you still have your skills, and don't suck.

Back to normal: Ok, now that you're back to your good (hopefully) old self, you can GRADUALLY chill out with the increased schedule. Also, you don't have to kill yourself at practice anymore. This means going back to the way things used to be before you took a break. Toss that extra day in the middle of your training schedule, stop assaulting random street people, and get into some top quality title matches. DONT STOP STRETCHING. Doing that in extremity will always be good for you. More flexability, less of a chance of injuring yourself, that and it tests how far you can push yourself.

Now that you've learned that your training regiment can mess with your performance, (just like suddenly switching a dog's food) I hope you will all respect the importance of taking it easy after making your return to the backyard. And remember, make sure you send all the mail bombs, threats, and insults to, NOT Thanks for reading. Till next time.

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