Wicked Trecherous Wrestling: Will To Die & Fook Fest: By Preston

Northern Acclaim Wrestling: The Next Level: By John Morgan

Real Wrestling Federation: Hardcore Hell 2K: By Sawyer

Capital Wrestling Alliance: 2001: By John Morgan

No Future Wrestling- I Back That: By Preston

Hardcore Championship Wrestling: We're Better Than You!: By John Morgan

Backyard Wrestling Association: Madmen and Mat Skills: By John Morgan

Redneck Wrestling Alliance: Free For All: By Matt Given

NFW & EWA: By Sawyer

Warriors Of Wrestling: No Turning Back: By Daz

BackYard Wrestling Link: Caught on Tape: Mike gives it 2/5

OLW X-Mas Bash: Nic gives it 3.3/10

WoW High Tide: Daz gives it 4.4/5

WoW Sedition: Daz gives it 4.2/5

PWF Adrenaline: Daz gives it 3.7/5

CBW Orgy of Violence: Daz gives it 3.6/5

CBW Male Anatomy 2000: Beware of Dong: Daz gives it 3.6/5

EWW Death Penalty 2000: Daz gives it 3.3/5

ACW Millenium Bash: Daz gives it 3.2/5

KWF House Show: Daz gives it 3.1/5

ICW Saturday Night Showdown #19: Daz gives it 2.8/5

ICW Saturday Night Showdown #18: Daz gives it 2.8/5

FYW One Night Only: Hardtime gives it 4/5

HIW Scarred 4 Life: Hardtime gives it 4.5/5

FYW Battlemania 4: Hardtime gives it 3/5

Supercard IX: Hardtime gives it 2.5/5

WOW Backyard Wrestling For Dummies: Hardtime reviews it

WTW Almost Suicide: Hardtime gives it 4/5

GEW Backyard Fest 2: Hardtime gives it 5/5

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