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Name: Psycho Dragon
Federation- Insane Backyard Wrestling
Age: 15
Entrance Music: "Walk" -Pantera
Finishing Move: ?
Personal Style: All types
Wrestling Location: trampoline and ground

How did you first get interested and associated with backyard wrestling?

I've been watching wrestling ever since I could remember and me and my friends would imitate what we saw and one day we just said, "Hey lets make a fed outta this!". Ever since then I've been hooked.

Do you feel backyard wrestling has to be hardcore, or have plenty of high-risk spots to be entertaining? (and why)

I enjoy all aspects of a match (except the pain). The fans applaude for great technical wrestling but go crazy for weapons, hardcore, and high-risk spots, so you've got to associate both. Just don't be a garbage fed.

What do your parents and family think of you backyard wrestling?

My dad doesn't think I'm going to kill my self or anything he just doesn't like it because he thinks wrestling is stupid, my mom is accually kind of supportive, she wants me follow me dream ( I love you mommy).

Describe the gimmick you use:

If you have ever seen Josh Prohibition, that is basically it. A harcore motha fucka, who isn't afraid to take risks. I use the name Psycho Dragon beccause my favorite wrestler is Super Dragon.

What do you feel is the three most important parts in making a backyard wrestling match work?

1. It has to be well planned out, does the story line work for this match, whos going to win, all of that stuff has to be taken into acount so all the others will buy the match.
2. Your opponent has be a decent wrestler other wise you will just embarrass your self.
3. You have to be a good wrestler, or then you will really embarrass your self.

Why has backyard wrestling became so popular?

Because it has gotten so much publicity, bad or otherwise. Whether its bad on not publicity gets people interested in what everyone is talking about it. The best of Backyard Wrestling videos just helped along the fan base.

In your opinion, what will happen to backyard wrestling in the next few years?

I see it to be having even more bad publicity, thus making even more popular, maybe even getting television show for some feds.

Closing Statements

I'd like to shout out to my best friend and tag partner, Chernobyl. He was the one to help me start the IBW and lead it to backyard wrestling greatness.

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